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The Bad Air Day website has been produced by the Welding Fume Team to provide a resource and links to further information on the health risks from exposure to welding and thermal cutting fume, and the control of exposure. It is aimed at both employers and employees who use welding in the workplace, as part of their business or work.

The Welding Fume Team was brought together by the Health and Safety Executive and comprises the following organisations:

The aims of the Welding Fume Team are to raise awareness of the risk to respiratory health from exposure to welding fume and thermal cutting applications, and how to control these exposures. The Team operates through a cooperative approach with all members having equal status with the following Terms of Reference:


To reduce respiratory ill health due to inhalation of hazardous fumes from welding and thermal cutting applications.

The focus of the team will be respiratory hazards in a welding environment.

Fume Team
The Welding Team will work together to raise awareness of the risks associated with the inhalation of welding fumes promote good working practices and bring about changes in perceptions, attitude and behaviour within the industry.

How The Fume Team Will Work: